Matouke ferry, huge tons of cocoa and garri await visitors who pay 1000 FCFA fare to cover the 25Km distance to Muyuka from Mile 17 Buea in the South West Region.

Created in 1963, Muyuka Subdivision in the South West Region counts 18 villages on which live about 150.000 inhabitants. Located on the foot of Mount Cameroon, the semi-rural setting, with a surface area of close to 400,000 Km², is known for its fertile soil. Muyuka Subdivision is one of the largest producers of cocoa in Cameroon, with Muyenge village as the hub. Cassava is also among the food crops cultivated in abundance here. No doubt “garri” has moved from family food to a high financial return commodity. For tourists and travelers wishing to reach the Littoral or West Region from the South West Region without waste of time and energy, the Matouke Estate Ferry is a must-visit site.

With this locomotive, owned by the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and designated to transport plantation workers from one estate to another, it costs 2000 FCFA to transport a car and 200 FCFA to sail a bike across to Pena Mboko in the Littoral Region. The ferry, it is said, can transport as many as four medium size vans or ten motorcycles, and as many as 50 passengers per trip. First time visitors must, however, clutch their hearts before boarding the flat piece of thick metal that rumbles and mercilessly tears the river. Not all is rosy in Muyuka. Blackouts, bad roads and absence of potable are some the major challenges of the population. Nevertheless, it is a place for the weekend.